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2016 CSIA Annual General Meeting
08:00 October 27, 2016 to 17:00 October 28, 2016

The CSIA annual general meeting was held on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 October 2016 at the Centara Hotel and the Stock Exchange of Thailand offices in Bangkok, hosted by the Corporate Secretary Club of the Thai Listed Companies Association (TLCA).

With delegates attending from Australia, Hong Kong,India, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, Southern Africa, United Kingdom and Zimbabwe, the meeting addressed matters of key importance to corporate secretarial professionals around the world.

CSIA member delegates were keen to air their opinions on all matters with the overriding goal to further build and develop CSIA to help achieve its objectives. The diversity of views was refreshing with members happy to share their own experiences from their diverse range of situations. From jurisdictions with long-established governance practices to those where the profession is relatively nascent – all views and comments were welcomed and appreciated.

A common theme for all attendees was the challenges and opportunities presented by continually evolving nature of corporate governance legislation, practices and the corporate secretarial profession itself.

Such sharing of diverse opinions is one of the cornerstones for CSIA’s continued success and growth. Understanding of the different pressures faced within individual countries and the ability to learn from successes and failures of organisations in the same field allowed all members to benefit from other’s experiences and so help their own development.


The meeting took an overview of all matters pertinent to CSIA including the standard yearly progress reports, financial reviews and budgeting discussions. Key topics that generated the most lively debates centred around the CSIA’s future including:

  • Membership sustainability and growth
  • WTO and ILO representation and developments
  • Enhancing the use of the Corporate Secretary’s Toolkit
  • Strategic plan for the coming year and a look to longer-term future goals and initiatives
  • How CSIA can help to improve governance leadership in a wider range of countries
  • Thought leadership initiatives and development of good practise guides
  • Enhancement of the CSIA website to provide users with more updated and useful content

The final topic under discussion related to the redomiciling of CSIA from Switzerland to Hong Kong scheduled for mid-2017. The timing of this change lead to a deferment of elections for new office bearers and an agreement to hold these during a meeting to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa in March.

All members left the meeting with substantial to-do lists and a reaffirmation to work together through CSIA to promote the best practices in Corporate Secretarial, corporate governance, and compliance services.


Rick Summers, the CSIA President, would like to extend his thanks on behalf of all CSIA attendees to Penri Suteerasarn and her team at TLCA for their arrangements in making this a wonderful visit to Bangkok. This thanks is especially heart-felt as the meeting was held at a time of great sadness and national mourning for the people of Thailand following the passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.