Diversity & Inclusion – The Board’s role as ‘agents of change’

In this podcast, Dr Sabine Dembkowski, Founder and Managing Partner of Better Boards, discusses with Professor Randall Peterson the role of the board in helping organisations become better at dealing with diversity – moving beyond the presence of diversity to being able to engage diversity to benefit the organisation.

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Roles Of Governance Professionals In Today’s Post-Pandemic And Dynamically Changing Risk Environment Report

The Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute together with Corporate Secretaries International Association Limited (CSIA) and Ernst & Young Advisory Services Limited (EY) published a survey report on "Roles of governance professionals in today’s post-pandemic and dynamically changing risk environment" (Survey Report), that includes feedback from over 1,700 participants from CSIA member countries globally.

Unlocking ESG Boards From Strategy to Disclosure (Webinar)

With the growing shareholder activism and increased scrutiny from the stakeholder community, organisations are pressed to firmly place ESG as a priority and long-term initiative on the board agenda.As a critical driver of financial growth and value, ESG provides a holistic view of the factors, impact, and efforts of organisations towards the environment, social, and governmental issues.

HKCGI – 23rd Annual Corporate and Regulatory Update (Webinar)

The 23rd Annual Corporate and Regulatory Update (ACRU 2022) will be held on 9 June 2022 this year. ACRU 2022 provides a unique forum for governance professionals, directors, senior management and other relevant stakeholders to learn about the latest key corporate and regulatory developments, insights and enforcement trends directly from regulators.

CSIA in Collaboration with ICSAN & Better Boards Diversity Webinar

CSIA is collaborating with The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Nigeria (ICSAN) and Better Boards to host a #webinar on the 22nd of February that will explore the role that diversity on boards plays in enhancing a company’s performance and to find out if companies are more effective and more innovative when they reflect the #diverse perspectives of their stakeholders.

HKCGI Rebrand

The Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute (HKCGI and the Institute) is excited to unveil its new brand identity with the launch of its website today (www.hkcgi.org.hk).

HKCGI Climate Change Conference

The Institute is delighted to put together a Climate Change Conference, chaired by Ms Edith Shih FCG(CS, CGP) FCS(CS, CGP)(PE) International Past International President, CGI, Past President, HKCGI; Executive Director and Company Secretary CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd

Re-thinking Strategic Risk Management: Roles of the Governance Professional in today’s Post Pandemic and Dynamic Risk Environment Survey

The Corporate Secretaries International Association Limited (CSIA) together with the Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute (HKCGI) in collaboration with EY have embarked on an important research project to explore the role of the governance professional in the fast-evolving governance and risk management landscape within the organisations and business environments that they currently operate in.

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Convene x CSIA: The Modern Boardroom: Year in Review and 2023 Outlook [Full Webinar]

This webinar, discussed various innovative governance practices introduced by corporate secretaries and professionals, the influence of corporate secretaries on the boards and regulators to adopt innovation in corporate governance issues, and the journey towards implementing digital tools to leverage the modern boardroom.

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Adapting to a dynamically changing risk environment

Many Executives dream of a portfolio career, even attending specially designed courses, paying to qualify and increase…

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Roles Of Governance Professionals In Today’s Post-Pandemic And Dynamically Changing Risk Environment


CSIA 2021 Annual Report