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Why should your organisation join CSIA?

  • In a corporate world characterised by disruptions and the need to restore trust in the system of governance, the role of the Corporate Secretary has evolved to that of the trusted advisor, key governance partner and the conscience of the Board. The Corporate Secretary plays a pivotal role in effective governance leadership by equipping Boards for informed decision-making to ensure resilience, agility and sustainability for organisations.


  • CSIA represents a community of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals, creating a hub of resources and experiences by drawing on the expertise of its members and partners for research, thought leadership and best governance practices to address the governance trends that threaten organisations’ sustainability.


  • At CSIA, we have created a platform to connect Corporate Secretaries, governance professionals, corporates and governments committed to promoting good governance to share research and knowledge and work together to rebuild the public trust in governance. 


  • Add your voice to the Global Voice of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals at CSIA and help us to build a stronger foundation to create the enabling and supportive environment for Corporate Secretaries to grow in their roles as champions of governance.

What does it mean to be a member of CSIA?

Global governance developments and research

International webinars and conferences

Support network of governance professionals

Global promotional platform

Want to be Involved?

Are you a leading governance expert with relevant knowledge on current governance trends? Share your thoughts and insights by submitting your blogs and articles here. If you would like to join our webinars as a speaker please complete the contact form In the Contact Us tab and include your contact details and a brief summary of your area of expertise.