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CSIA has made great strides since it had been incorporated in Geneva and officially launched as the flagship for the advocacy and adoption of corporate governance worldwide on 23 March 2010 in Paris under the auspices of the IFC and OECD. 

We continued our proud heritage when CSIA was incorporated into a company limited by guarantee in Hong Kong in February 2017 and we remain an organization built on reliance and trust as we strive towards building a network of Corporate Secretaries and governance professionals unified in the common goal of transforming corporate governance.

CSIA connects Corporate Secretaries, governance professionals, corporates and governments to build a community where the best practices, knowledge, and experiences from all over the world are shared. 


To be the Global Voice of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals


To create a global profession that develops, grows and promotes best practice in corporate secretarial, corporate governance and compliance services by improving professional standards, the quality of governance practice and organizational performance.

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As the Global Voice of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals, we are building a network of organisations and governance professionals that are committed to promoting good corporate governance practices. By creating a platform of shared experiences and expertise we grow the body of resources that will equip Corporate Secretaries, governance professionals and their organisations to address emerging governance challenges and adapt to the changing governance landscape.

You can join our network and be a part of the transformation of corporate governance.