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Unlocking ESG Boards From Strategy to Disclosure (Webinar)

About the Webinar

With the growing shareholder activism and increased scrutiny from the stakeholder community, organisations are pressed to firmly place ESG as a priority and long-term initiative on the board agenda. As a critical driver of financial growth and value, ESG provides a holistic view of the factors, impact, and efforts of organisations towards the environment, social, and governmental issues. In this webinar, we will explore how businesses and organisations can carry a full 360 approach to ESG, from integrating into business strategies, complying with regulations and standards, to measuring and reporting sustainability performance.

It will be held on 17 May 2022, 9am – 10.30 am SAST.

Topics and Discussion Points:

A. The impact of ESG on Investing Investors are increasingly focused on ensuring that they invest responsibly in organisations that can demonstrate a positive impact on their stakeholder community. Organisations with a strong ESG strategy also signal sustainability and long-term success.

  • Why is ESG investing vital for investors?
  • What are asset managers and investment companies looking for in organisations?

B. Integrating ESG into strategy

  • How can organisations put ESG into strategy and into their frameworks?

C. ESG Reporting/Disclosures (Regulations and Frameworks

  • What are the key disclosures in sustainability reports?
  • How do the recent regulations and standards improve transparency and accountability in sustainability disclosures?

– Will the new standards facilitate the move from voluntary to mandatory reporting?
The information contained in this document is confidential, privileged, and only for the information of the intended recipient. This document may not be used, published, or redistributed without the consent of the CSIA and Convene team.

D. ESG and Digitisation

  • How can technology aid organisations to implement, measure and report on ESG?
  • What is the role of technology in ESG integration—in implementation and reporting on ESG efforts and performance?
  • How does reporting software help organisations create and understand sustainability reports?

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