In the three decades since board evaluation practices were originally introduced as part of good corporate governance, research has shown that evaluating the performance of the board has become common practice in many countries. In many countries, evaluation processes are spearheaded by the Corporate Secretary who plays a critical role in the evaluation process, whether it is the coordination or the facilitation of the evaluation process. It is therefore important for the Corporate Secretary to stay abreast of board evaluation best practices, including technological developments and solutions to facilitate effective board evaluations.

At Better Boards we have continuously challenged the processes and practices of conducting board evaluations, always asking ourselves “Is there a better way?” We believe every board has untapped potential. When developed and unlocked, this potential enables the board to support the sustainable success of the company, generating value for stakeholders and contributing to wider society.

Better Boards provides board evaluation services and our research-based, data-driven approach has generated results in the two-tier and unitary board system. 

The effectiveness of an evaluation process can be enhanced where the board effectiveness evaluation process is concluded with a formal report. As the Corporate Secretary is responsible for the process, a detailed report should include a comparison to previous years’ results, indicating repetitive issues or improvements achieved and key challenges and remedial actions. We have created an innovative platform which offers:   

  • Access to our research-based questionnaire which is fully flexible and allows different questions for different roles 
  • Benchmarks and comparisons to other boards on all dimensions of effective boards
  • Comparisons to subsidiary boards within an organisation
  • Automated analysis of quantitative and generation of insightful graphs 
  • Easy analysis of qualitative data through thought out interfaces 
  • Year on year comparisons to track progress and develop the board / Executive Team systematically.   

In addition, Better Boards provides board evaluation services that enables the generation of individualised reports for every Director.   

The Better Boards platform provides Corporate Secretaries with access to a platform without the time, pain and investment of creating a platform, saves time to focus on other key issues and provides access to benchmark data and comprehensive comparisons to other boards on a scale far greater than they can achieve on their own.


Corporate Secretaries from reputable organisations, Consultancy and Private Equity firms can access and use the Better Boards platform for Board and Executive Team evaluations and effectiveness reviews and reinforce the importance of board evaluations as a critical aspect in the implementation of good corporate governance.

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Dr Sabine Dembkowski

Dr Sabine Dembkowski is a trusted board advisor who has worked with and alongside companies listed on the FTSE and DAX, global organisations and leading Private Equity and Professional Service firms. Her research into board effectiveness has been peer-reviewed and published internationally.

With a PhD in business management Dr Sabine has established two successful businesses, The Coaching Centre and Better Boards. Alongside her academic qualifications and business acumen, Sabine is also a trained Executive Coach and certified to perform a wide range of psychometric tests.

In her own words she is “Driven by a passion to get down to the nuts and bolts and create real, long-lasting change in organisations”

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