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Mr. Robert Likhang

Vice President | Southern Africa

Robert Likhang, resident in Lesotho, is a Chartered Accountant (Lesotho), a Chartered Secretary (Fellowship), and a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA). He is currently lecturing at the Centre for Accounting Studies (Lesotho), a government educational institute offering courses towards qualifying as ACCA, and CIPFA. He lectures Strategic Planning, Corporate Governance and Management Accounting.

Mr. Likhang has held executive positions in various capacities including Finance Director, Strategy Director, Corporate Secretary, and CEO in various organisations from banking, pharmaceuticals, professional institutes and telecommunications. He has been a member of several Boards in Lesotho and South Africa, he currently serves on the board of the Chartered Secretaries Southern Africa, Action Aid International, Touch Roots Africa and Lesotho Institute of Accountants. In addition to lecturing he runs his own chartered accountancy and chartered secretarial practice in Lesotho.

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