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Artificial Intelligence

AI technology hit the headlines in 2016 when AlphaGo beat the world’s top Go players. In fact, the technology has been around for some time, and, as Joseph Chu and Charlie Wang of Deloitte China explain, is fast becoming an essential part of work forces around the world. Attitudes towards artificial intelligence (AI) vary radically […]

Mitigating Risk In The Age Of Big Data

It’s been said that in a digital century, ‘data is the new gold’ and there is no question that data, correctly leveraged, can deliver huge benefits. Over 87 per cent of company value today is now in intangible assets, and data together with brand, software code and confidential information are critical to everyday business. Over […]

Give And Take: Achieving The Right Balance For Effective Data Governance

Data used to be something that you could count on – factual information used for reasoning. It’s not so simple anymore as data has become a hologram – it looks real but lacks substance. Data governance is about establishing trust and belief between the company and data stakeholders in a give-and-take relationship. It wasn’t that […]