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Society For Corporate Governance, Inc.


52 Vanderbilt Avenue, Suite 903 New York, NY 10017

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About SCG

As a non-for-profit organization (Section 501(c)(6)), our role is to serve our members by providing practitioners with the knowledge, skills, and tools to promote effective governance for the benefit of boards, management, and shareholders.

Founded in 1946, the Society for Corporate Governance, Inc. (the “Society”) is comprised principally of corporate secretaries and business executives in governance, ethics and compliance functions at public, private and not-for-profit organizations. Members are responsible for supporting their board of directors and executive management in matters such as board practices, compliance, regulation and legal matters, shareholder relations and subsidiary management.

Learn about our governing and operating policies here.

What We Do

We seek to be a positive force for responsible corporate governance, providing news, research and “best practice” advice and providing professional development and education through seminars and conferences.


We interact with key policy makers at the SEC and Congress on issues that significantly impact core governance and securities law compliance.

We play a unique role that has real impact on regulatory and legislative agendas.


We offer practical, timely information covering corporate governance related topics.

Our highly sought-after resources include our Practical Resources pages, benchmarking surveys, and comprehensive weekly newsletter, the Society Alert.


We integrate cutting-edge education and expertise with unparalleled networking opportunities.

Among the many types of events, in-person and virtual, include our National Conference and ESSENTIALS program.


We are a national organization of corporate governance professionals dedicated to shaping governance through education, collaboration, and advocacy to foster long-term shareholder value.


The Society provides members with the knowledge and tools to advise their boards and executive management on corporate governance, regulatory and legal developments, investor engagement, and ESG/sustainability issues.


The Society’s committees, chapters, in-person and online events, and community platforms enable members to network and share information, ideas, and resources.


The Society and its members engage with policy makers at the SEC, listing exchanges, and Congress on significant governance, securities law, and ESG/sustainability-related issues and disclosure.


Creating long-term shareholder value through better governance.

Leadership and Staff

Meet our dedicated leaders and staff who help guide the evolution of the Society through strong and decisive leadership overseeing management, finances, and quality; setting strategic direction; building community relationships; establishing ethical standards, values, and compliance.


Our most important asset is the talented and dedicated group of members who serve on our committees. 



Our membership is comprised of 3,700+ members from every industry and every state. Our nationwide network includes corporate governance professionals from micro- to mega- cap public and private companies and nonprofits across regional chapters. Our community also includes law firms, service providers institutional investors, educational institutions, academia, and proxy voting advisory services.

3690 members as of 12.19.2022

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