CSIA would like to extend hearty congratulations to Ms Ellie Pang who will be taking over as Chief Executive Officer of HKCGI when Ms Samantha Suen retires at the end of 2020. Ms Pang brings over 20 years of experience to HKCGI and will be leading the implementation of the Institute’s strategy in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Before pursuing a career as a regulator at Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (HKEX), Ms Pang was a solicitor in two of the world’s largest international law firms for over eleven years. Until May 2019, Ms Pang has been a senior policy regulator at HKEX which is the frontline regulator for Hong Kong’s listed companies. Her main focus was on policy issues concerning corporate boards, having lead projects that revamped Hong Kong’s Corporate Governance Code and Listing Rules and which included initiatives on board diversity and environmental, social and governance (ESG).

Ms Pang has been a frequent keynote speaker, moderator, and panellist at numerous conferences and seminars on corporate governance, ESG, and other Listing Rule developments including those organised by HKEX, the HKSAR Government and a number of trade/professional associations.

We wish her well in her new position and look forward to working with her to continue to strengthen the relationship with HKCGI and working together to shape the future of governance.



Corporate Secretaries International Association Limited (CSIA) was established in Geneva in 2010 as an association constituted according to article 60 et seq, of the Swiss Civil Code and entered into the commercial register in Switzerland and was relocated and registered as a company limited by guarantee in Hong Kong in 2017.

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