COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way many businesses operate, with remote working and online meetings fast becoming the new norm. However, for the vast majority of company boards, the digitalisation of corporate governance has been a painfully slow process, and many firms are using tools that are not appropriately adapted to board roles and responsibilities. In an era of heightened regulatory scrutiny, this poses considerable risks to organisation worldwide.

With our current pandemic regulations, the need for companies to ‘go digital’ is becoming more crucial. CSIA in cooperation with Quinlan Associates hosted a webinar on ‘Digitalising Corporate Governance in a COVID-19 Age.’ on the 23rd of July 2020.

The panel members included the Vice-President of CSIA, CS Ranjeet Pandey, EXCO member Alan Evans and ICSI President Ashish Garg and explored global regulatory developments for corporate governance and the impact of COVID-19 on regulations, the rise of board portals and the implications of digital enablement for corporate boards.

Click [here] to view the webinar.


Zahra Cassim

Corporate Secretaries International Association Limited (CSIA) was established in Geneva in 2010 as an association constituted according to article 60 et seq, of the Swiss Civil Code and entered into the commercial register in Switzerland and was relocated and registered as a company limited by guarantee in Hong Kong in 2017.

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