(Incorporated in Hong Kong with limited liability by guarantee)

The Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute (HKCGI), formerly known as The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (HKICS), is the only qualifier of the internationally recognised Chartered Secretary and Chartered Governance Professional qualifications for the governance professional in Hong Kong, and the Mainland, China.

With over 70 years of history, and as the China Division of The Chartered Governance Institute (CGI),the Institute’s reach, and professional recognition, extends to all of CGI’s nine divisions with more than 40,000 members and students worldwide.

HKCGI is a founder member of Corporate Secretaries International Association Limited (CSIA), which was established in March 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2017, CSIA was relocated to Hong Kong where it operates as a company limited by guarantee. CSIA aims to give a global voice to corporate secretaries and governance professionals.

The position of HKCGI is in line with the recognition of the governance roles and responsibilities performed by its members, and the global convergence towards the importance of governance.

HKCGI has more than 6,600 members, 300 graduates and 3,000 students.

For more information, please visit www.hkcgi.org.hk.

The vision and mission of HKCGI

  • Promoting good governance, management and efficient administration of companies and other public bodies in commerce, industry and public affairs
  • Promoting the study of, and research into, the law and the practice of secretaryship and administration
  • Supporting and protecting the character, status and interests of its members, graduates and students
  • Promoting the efficiency and usefulness of the service and the standard of professional conduct provided by its members, and considering all manners of questions affecting the interest of the Chartered Secretary profession

The CE, Company Secretary and the Council of HKCGI

Chief Executive: Ms Ellie Pang
Company Secretary: Ms Mildred Chan FCG FCS

The Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute Council

Council members list for 2021

Honorary Officers:

Ms Gillian E Meller FCG FCS – President
Mr David J Simmonds FCG FCS – Vice-President (re-elected to Council)
Mr Ernest CH Lee FCG FCS(PE) – Vice-President
Mr Paul A Stafford FCG FCS – Vice-President (newly elected to Council)
Mr Daniel WS Chow FCG FCS(PE) – Treasurer

Council Members:

Ms Loretta WM Chan FCG FCS
Mr Tom SL Chau FCG FCS (newly elected)
Mr Edmond MK Chiu FCG FCS(PE)
Ms Wendy WT Ho FCG FCS(PE)
Ms Stella SM Lo FCG FCS(PE)
Mrs Natalia KM Seng FCG FCS(PE)
Mr Bill WM Wang FCG FCS (newly elected)
Mr Xie Bing FCG FCS
Ms Wendy WY Yung FCG FCS


Mr David YH Fu FCG FCS(PE) – Past President

Committees and Committee Chairmen for 2020

Audit Committee
Mr Ernest CH Lee FCG FCS(PE) – Chairman

Education Committee
Mrs Natalia KM Seng FCG FCS(PE) – Chairman

Membership Committee
Mr David J Simmonds FCG FCS – Chairman

Nomination Committee
Ms Edith Shih FCG(CS, CGP) FCS(CS, CGP)(PE) – Chairman

Professional Development Committee
Ms Loretta WM Chan FCIS FCS

The Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute