This month CSIA bids a sad farewell to a long standing member of the CSIA Council, Mrs Samantha Suen, Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries (HKICS – a founder member of CSIA) as she retires from her post after more than seven years of dedicated service as the CEO. 

CSIA would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude for her dedicated support and willingness to give time and resources to build and shape the organisation.

Samantha has shared her knowledge, professional skills and vast experience with commitment and a passion for the profession and her zeal in creating opportunities to enhance CSIA, analytical abilities in challenging times and guidance will be missed.

As Samantha moves on to this a new chapter in her life, we would like to recognise the many contributions that she has made to our success and take this opportunity to wish her a well-deserved and rewarding retirement.

“After climbing the mountain, you can finally enjoy the view” – Unknown

Dear Samantha

It is with a heavy heart that we wish you well in your retirement, although I do not doubt that you will still be busy both mentally & physically, but hopefully with less stress and demands! You have been such an asset to our team at CSIA and have assisted in many ways to ensure that CSIA stayed on its feet and got exposure when we needed it. I am sure that your new representative on our CSIA EXCO will be as dynamic, and that Ellie will manage to fill those big shoes that you have occupied. Congratulations as well to Mohan who has started working with us recently. Personally, I would like to thank you for all your guidance & assistance you have shown me since I joined CSIA, please do not be a stranger. I hope you will be joining YC for some great holiday adventures and some glasses of wine! Take care and we will miss you.

Karyn Southgate (CGISA)

Dear Samantha

We have known each other for several years now as well as travel to common meetings. You are indeed exemplary leader for so many. Thank you for all your guidance all these time and I truly treasured it. You have contributed enormously from the start of CSIA and until now. We will miss you. All the best in your retirement and I am sure you will stay active even though may not be with CSIA.

Siew Chuan Chua (MAICSA)

Dear Samantha

I have known you for quite some time now, even before I took up this position as CEO of MAICSA and have always enjoyed interacting with you. Thank you for your guidance and words of encouragement in the last few months since I took up the position here in MAICSA, I shall most certainly miss you!

Nandita Choudhury (MAICSA)

Hi Samantha

Allow me to add my sincere congratulations on your impending retirement (surely you are way too young to retire!) and many thanks for all you have done for CGI and CSIA. Your generosity and wisdom have been greatly appreciated.

Megan Motto (GIA)

Dear Sam

I read the many well wishes from colleagues and council members of CGI, CSIA and ACSN to you and I can only echo what they said. Our friendship goes back a long way. We have our agreements and disagreements. Yet, I cherished them all.

Grace Tan (CSIS)

Dear Samantha

It has been a pleasure to know and work with you over the long period we have been with CSIA. Your attention to detail and professional input to the Association has been exemplary. You will be missed by us all. Best wishes to you personally and in your future business endeavours.

Alan Evans (Australia)

Dear Samantha

You have contributed to the progress of both HKICS and CSIA. It is my expectation that you will continue to support both organizations even after your retirement. I wish you the best as you start a new phase of your life and personal satisfaction in good health.

Bode Ayeku (ICSAN)



Corporate Secretaries International Association Limited (CSIA) was established in Geneva in 2010 as an association constituted according to article 60 et seq, of the Swiss Civil Code and entered into the commercial register in Switzerland and was relocated and registered as a company limited by guarantee in Hong Kong in 2017.

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