Climate Change: Its Effects On Businesses And The Role Of The Company Secretary

Why Corporate Secretaries need to put climate change on the Board's agenda...

Advertorial – Elevating Corporate Governance with Convene

The role of corporate secretaries has become increasingly complex. On top of compliance, advisory, and strategic functions, corporate secretaries are challenged to leverage technology to achieve maximum productivity.

Ethical Leadership in a COVID-19 Environment

Within the current COVID-19 space companies are facing the dilemma of having to show compassion towards employees, the stakeholder community and customers while protecting the sustainability and financial performance of the company.

New Guidance on Climate Change Risk Disclosure

While the awareness of governance is generally increasing around the world, countries may still differ significantly with regard to corporate governance. Similarly, the role of the corporate secretary and governance professional may also vary from country to country with regard to recognition, functions and even naming conventions.

The Australian securities and investments commission (ASIC) position on AGMS as at 20 march 2020

20-068MR Guidelines for meeting upcoming AGM and financial reporting requirements Annual General Meetings. Coronavirus (COVID-19) may temporarily impact on companies’ ability to hold an annual general meeting (AGM).

How has Coronavirus affected you?

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