About Hawkamah

REGIONAL UNDERSTANDING – Hawkamah has 14 years of experience in advising regional governments, companies and boardrooms, understanding the regional governance challenges and providing solutions that are tailored to the needs of the business.

BUSINESS ORIENTED APPROACH – Hawkamah does not view corporate governance as a compliance exercise, but one that supports the growth and sustainability of the business. Corporate governance is about effective decision making within prudent controls and therefore a governance framework is one that is linked with the company’s overall vision and strategy.

FOCUS ON IMPLEMENTATION – Hawkamah’s lead team members are experienced board members and experienced governance professionals. Their insights on governance and expertise ensure that their recommendations are practical, effective and serving the demands of the business.

Mission, Vision, Objectives

Vision: To be recognized as the advisor of choice and the reference of good governance for all enterprises in the public and private arena throughout the MENA region.

Mission: To shape the corporate governance landscape by being staunch advocates, premier promoters and effective practitioners of good corporate governance for the public and private sectors.

Core Values: Reliability, Objectivity, Professionalism, Respect & Honesty.

HAWKAMAH – The Institute for Corporate Governance

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