Stay tuned and book early for this biennial signature event of The Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries as places fill quickly.

25 September 2020:  Online Conference from 9.00am to 5.00pm Hong Kong Time (6.5 ECPD points)

26 September 2020:  Online site presentation and discussion (3.0 ECPD points)

In 1998 we began our two-yearly Corporate Governance Conferences (CGC). More than 20 years later, our CGC has become one of the leading events in the corporate governance calendar, for Hong Kong, our region and beyond.

The Board is central to the effective governance of any organisation; now more than ever with the challenges of working through the Covid-19 and all its consequences. For this year’s Conference we will be bringing together a team of outstanding speakers and panellists to share their experience, expertise and insights on how to build a board which delivers excellence in

governance, meets the needs of stakeholders, maximises its effectiveness, manages risk and embraces new technology.

As always, the Conference will be :-

Practical – offering practical advice that can be deployed in the workplace;

Relevant – tackling issues which relate to you, wherever you work, be it in a listed company, growing SME, NGO, social enterprise or public sector entity;

Enabling – enhancing your skills and awareness to enable you to make an even stronger contribution to good governance;

Forward-looking – addressing not just today’s demands on corporate governance , but those you will face in the coming years; and

Interactive (and never boring!) – as always, the Conference will be designed to maximise your own participation through our electronic voting system and extended Q&A sessions.

Whatever your involvement with good governance, be it as a director, manager, company secretary, lawyer, accountant, investor, stakeholder or governance professional of any kind, come and join in the debate at our Corporate Governance Conference 2020.

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